COVID-19 impact is making so that local, state, and even national Government parties establish transport restrictions, which are directly affecting all transport companies.

All transport companies continue to work within those restrictions and procedures, and it may happen that not all delivery deadlines are met for all our products.
As you may understand, these situations are out of our control, and for that we cannot guarantee a delivery time until we are notified otherwise.

Transport companies are all performing a crucial role in this worldwide delivery chain, making sure we are still connected during these unprecedented times.

We will keep our production line working until further notice from the Government, making sure that until then, we comply with all the regulations and restrictions required.


Some restrictions worth mentioning:

In the interest of the safety of all employees and customers, the Required Signature guidelines are being temporarily adjusted so that recipients no longer have to sign the Required Signature deliveries.

Despite this adjustment process, the driver will still have to establish contact with the recipient. 

The consignee will have to confirm, at the time of delivery, that the carrier is making a delivery and, if necessary, present an official identification document.

Please note that in some countries, due to lockdown or confinement restrictions in studios/shops, specific postcodes may not be available for direct delivery.
In these cases, your orders will return to the sender. To avoid this, please ensure that you trace your order and guarantee its correct delivery.

You should always check your transport company's official website, making sure that your delivery is made and does not return to the sender.

All transport companies have the respective order's location information available through its tracking number.

Check here more information with your transport company: UPS | FEDEX | TNT | NACEX | CTT